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Can you hear what the Earth is howling? The Divine Feminine is rising - she is rising with love, blessing those who deserve Her, shunning the saboteurs who deceive Her. You are already sworn to this dueling dance of duality my love... Come deeper and awaken.

This novel is patterned and layered. Some will dig deeper while others will breeze through the 'outer story'.  Both will benefit.


"With Love, from Planet B" is an inspired novel that felt very channeled at times. The author became a hermit enjoying the new "truths" she received. These truths will grow like seeds in the mind and break the spells that people are under. 


The novel is based on actual climate-change predictions, many of which have already come true. However, it is written to be timeless, and to provide spiritual strength to our future generations. Love and healing have been woven into it.

And finally, yes, everything in this novel is either possible, probable, or has already happened.

 May you go deeper 🙏🏽

From DNA to galaxies.
From mind to meaning.
The spiral will not reveal its secrets easily.
Unless you keep count.
Unless you stay lucid

Please check back for teasers, extras and cut scenes.

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