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Hi everyone,
I'm Zaayin.

Zaa-Yin is my pseudonym, explained below. My pseudonym is similar to my real name, which I will disclose later. In my day job I'm an MD of Internal Medicine. Yes, I'm a Pakistani immigrant. And no, I did not start off writing a book about Love. Oh no... far from it. 


She always knew something was wrong with this world.
So in one arm she wielded the power of science,
And in the other she lifted the shield of spirit.
She has been a healer and has also played her part as a spiritual warrior...
Now she seeks to rise above this level of dualities...


started writing in 2018, partly as self-therapy for climate concern. This book quickly became a passion. In 2022, some of the predictions came true and I also had a few intense spiritual experiences. Spreading this book far and wide then became a purpose. 

When Meaning takes you digging deeper into Reality -- you go...

I wasn't 'channeling' like many spiritual writers claim to, but I was definitely doing something... I would send my mind up to Infinity and down to the Nothing. In my mind's eye I saw light lines and shapes that I needed to balance and beautify with "thought work", which was also deep inner work of myself. I was rewarded with nuggets of Truths. The word revealed to me for what I was doing- is Tunnel
ing. (The English language has secrets in plain sight.)

The book was initially called "Planet B", but that name got taken and I had to decide on a new name - all this happened while my designer was working on a cover ad under a deadline - because - of course that would be the best time! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So after a couple of sleepless nights I went to the gym and it occurred to me to ask my Heart Center - and I immediately got the thought telling me to add: "With Love"
I felt the burden lift. I caught myself telling the beings who had helped me write/right the book that I was now leaving it up to them. It wasn't until that moment that my skeptical mind had to admit - that yes, I had spoke to "them". That I did believe that there were higher entities helping me write this book. I had been subconsciously communicating with them and now I had consciously communicated with them. For a strict scientific skeptic this is a strange moment - to catch your self talking to "them".

So no... I did not start out writing a book about Love. But yes, I really did see that we are all made of Love. I saw the Love Lines. I do not expect you to believe me or understand it until you see it for your self.

Love is a power that- if you give it away - it returns to you, even when, and especially when, you're at a tough dark spot where you cannot create any good feeling. Love will find you when you need it the most.

This book is a spiral-ritual. Re-reading, re-listening, and re-gifting to others is humbly recommended. 

Love yourself
Trust your Self

With Love,




I feel the need to explain my pen-name.

I changed my pen-name from Zayden to Zaayin about a month before publication. Zayden with the "d" felt too harsh for my personality. It felt western, and its roots "zaid" in Arabic, mean "more".

Zaa-Yin, with stress on the Yin, drew me closer. It is not pronounced "zi-on", though the words have similar roots in Hebrew. BTW, Zion in its true meaning is not some utopia that can be built by shedding blood. But of course, the "he-god" worshippers don't care about that.

Zaayin in its Arabic roots is "zain" which means Grace and Beauty. Zaayin in its Hebrew root zion means Utopia. It is also the 7th Hebrew letter and relates to verses that speak of delivering Truths - Truths that the lower minded want to reject or misunderstand.
So consider Zaayin a Yin utopia. 

Zaayin: the Utopia of Grace and Beauty, balanced by the Yin.
Salaam:  Greetings of Peace



There were several signs and synchronicities while writing With Love, From Planet B, that I've now forgotten. H
ere's one that I remember:

My first editor was a straight woman raising two boys who, as I later realized, lived in a bubble, blissfully unaware
of the misogyny of this world and the life many women endure. She didn't know about hardcore p**n, or about the current sex slave trade in Africa by Africans, and so much more. She probably hated the messages of my book. Her feedback was so harsh it made me cry. 

There is pressure on gay female writers from straight women to avoid uncomfortable topics. If we say too much, we are "man haters". And if we dare criticize other females? Forget it. No one will like you. 

But I don't want to hate or criticize, I want to elevate and free the minds of women.

I mellowed out my words in chapter 27 a LOT.

But one day, I thought maybe I should just remove the statistics on rape and p**n and only briefly mention it, so as to not disturb people. I decided to do this that evening
, but first I had to go pick up dinner. On my way there, the car in front of me in traffic literally had a license plate of a p**n website. Men unabashedly celebrate putting women literally on their knees. And here I was feeling bad about disturbing people with the truth? I have never before nor since seen such a license plate. 
I knew it was a sign that I HAD to keep those parts in my book, even if it disturbed people. 

Such are the synchronicities the Universal Mind will send your way when you decide you want to speak your Truth. It will guide you when you're drifting off path. 


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