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Attention is the ultimate Currency

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Yes, the Free One World Nation established a ruthless free market, but it also regularly gave out free food, and always gave out free phone-chips and free internet connection. Radio-waves were after all the modern silk-routes of trade.

On the surface level, foods and goods were being traded. But the commodity that was accumulating the next level of power into the hands of the very few, was our attention...

The attention economy snuck in.

The attention economy flooded in.

One day it was just there.

Attention had always been a commodity. Now it became currency.

It was a life saver. And it was a life-enslaver.

How wonderful a world, where if you're displaced and have no job, you can watch shows and follow the Owners, and get rewarded points that can buy you food?

How miserable a world, where nobody needs a human for any job anymore, and where you must watch shows and sell your attention, at least five hours a day for a snack and contaminated water?

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