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the Shapes of Thoughts

For those of you on Earth who can see the shapes of thoughts, and for those whose minds gets sharper with mystery, here is a visual: the revolutionary ‘forces’ that began acting on the collective human mind in the 2020s were mostly curvilinear and horizontal, yet most people were focused vertically upwards. They were squared with reality, believing their job was to sustain the pushes.

Many of the new forces were like the flow of wind. There was much good in this, and there were many back then who managed to absorb these forces and take their own evolutionary turns.

Yes, you are right if you sense that there is a correlation between the collective human mind, and the winds of the world – the rise in organized spiral functions is never a coincidence. The logic-lines of this are better seen from a higher dimension, so we will save these details for later.

spiral function of wind and water

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