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The rise of Free OWN

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The markets were the only thing that could’ve predicted how the world was about to change. But even those watching the markets didn’t see what was happening. They thought it was about the money. Just like those resisting the Owners thought it was about money.

We tell ourselves stories about who we are and what matters. But the markets reveal our collective human actions. They show what materializes.

Yes, they told the story of our survival, our creativity, and our potential. But they also revealed what that we were willing to sell…

With great responsibility comes great power. And everyone made them responsible.

Before the Owners became the rulers, they rewrote the laws- for peace and prosperity.

Where you lived no longer determined what products or services you could buy. Be it physical items... or controversial medical procedures - if you bought it through them, it was legal.

They gave the people of the world a new freedom, and so powerful was this change that it created a true borderless nation - The Free One World Nation.

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