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Know your Pyramid

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The rise of the Owners wasn't from their greed for more power. It was a natural and mathematical certainty. Isn't it time you wake up to the shapes that contain you?

The market was becoming stacked into levels in accordance with the inherent intelligence of its shape.

The Owners didn’t even need to become conscious of it. It was happening to them. A threshold had been reached. A threshold of sheer numbers. An ancient magic was being used. The magic of the three points.

Those who know the properties of the pyramid respect it. It can channel energy towards the top. It has been used for ascension and healing. And when used for power, the pyramid shaped economy did what it was supposed to- it focused all our power onto the few at the top, and it made them rise.


Pyramid of Ascension

Communist Pyramid of Power/ Money
Capitalist Pyramid of Money/ Power

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Last night I read about Lex's discovery about Spirals and they potential meaning of "0 distance" while traversing to a different level of dimension. This morning after waking I found myself contemplating that the Spiral form has a function of Moving yet Not Moving. When turned side ways, it is a wave. If the waves become equal sized curls rather than decreasing, we get the Helix, sacred form of DNA, of Life. Along a line, if the Helix does not converge on itself, we get the Cylinder. If the Helix becomes "crinkled" or "raveled in on itself" it would look like a ball or a sphere, I imagine. So many more touchings of surfaces between its elements! So many more…

Replying to

Wow... I had to read that twice. Are you an actual mathematician? (I'm not)

I think you just about figured out the nature of the universe and how we are multi-dimensional beings. 😉

Please don't feel bad for the falling leaves. They are eternal and alive in another dimension, and being recycled into Mother Earth in this physical reality. And do take some vitamin D every winter. (That's the doctor in me) 😌

So... if I hadn't put the images I would've got 5 stars... Hmph 😩

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